Competition Team

Members of our competition team train year-round for both regional and national-level competitions. Jumpers compete in multiple days of speed and freestyle events within their age division, ultimately working toward an invitation to compete in the final grand championship. Below are descriptions of our events at a typical competition.  Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for exciting competition video clips! 

Double Dutch

Teams of 3 or 4 jumpers compete in one of jump rope's more familiar events.  Scores for Double Dutch, also considered a freestyle event, are based upon level of content and overall presentation.  Interaction among turners and jumpers is an important element of each routine, making each performance an action-packed array of technical and aesthetic appeal. 






The wheel event involves two jumpers with two ropes, and each jumper takes one handle of each rope.  As a fast and complex routine, wheel features both jumpers in constant movement around the ropes and each other.  Wheel is a freestyle event, judged much like single rope individual or pairs freestyle, but the interaction between wheel jumpers, along with the constant motion of the ropes distinguishes it as one of the sport's more unique events. 




Speed, 1 x 30

In this event, jumpers continuosly jump for 30 seconds while a group of judges uses clickers to count the number of times the right foot touches the floor.  Scores are reported as double the clicked count, representing the number of times both feet hit the ground in the alloted time.  Hot Shots team members typically score between 140 to 170 (70-85 clicks) in 30 seconds. In addition to the 1 x 30, members of our team also compete in a 4 x 30 relay, each jumping 30 seconds in teams of 4. 




Speed, 1 x 180

Endurance and speed combine in an event not for the timid.  As in 30-second speed, jumpers turn the rope at the highest speed possible for the full three minutes while judges count their right-foot steps.  Think intensity of a three-minute sprint--and by the way, you've also got to maintain enough focus to keep the rope moving smootly beneath your feet. 




Single Rope Freestyle

Single rope freestyle gives jumpers an opportunity to display not only their technical prowess, but also their creativity.  Jumpers perform a 1 minute and 15 second routine showcasing various jump rope skills, including crossing, multiples, power, and footwork.  Judges assign scores that reflect the content level of the routine as well as the overall quality of presentation.  In other words, our team performs incredibly difficult jump rope manuevers, and they do it all with a smile. 




Single Rope Pairs Freestyle

Double the talent and double the fun as two jumpers perform a routine judged for its content and overall presentation.  Jumpers must include elements of jump rope similar to those in single rope freestyle but with attention to synchronization and partner interaction. 




"There is nothing so momentary as a sporting achievement, and nothing so

lasting as the memory of it."  - Greg Dening, author

Awards and Recognitions:

2014 to 2017

World Jump Rope Championship (2014, 2017), USA Jump Rope National Competition (2015), and World Jump Rope Pan-American Championship (2016)

Gold Silver Bronze
25 19 18
Other top-ten finishes: 48

Hot Shots qualifying events at

2016 World Jump Rope Grand Pan-American Championship:

  • 1 x 30 speed
  • 4 x 30 speed
  • Wheel
  • Pairs freestyle
  • Double Dutch

Insider Information

(A few fun facts exclusive to the world of competitive jump rope.)

Jumpers sometimes wear one shoestring in a different color to help judges easily identify and track their right foot when counting speed jumps. 

Why the french braids? The rope can catch on a ponytail and cause a missed jump, so our female jumpers always braid hair tightly.  (And fashionably, of course.)

One of jump rope's most recognizable poses is the "TJ," made up of three separate tricks (sideswing, a toad, and an open jump) while airborne.  Our jumpers sometimes capture classic TJ poses in exciting places.  Check out the slideshow below, featuring the TJ's on the beach, in the snow, in Brazil, London, and even Niagra Falls.

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