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Searching for a performance group who will bring energy, athleticism,

and FUN to your next event? 


The Hot Shots of Tennessee travel regionally, delighting audiences with their fast-paced showcase of jump rope skills and tricks.  Featuring national and world age-division champion jumpers, you can be assured our performance includes some of  the best jump rope has to offer.  Explore below for more information, and don't forget to check our YouTube channel for highlights from last season's events.  We look forward to working with you! 



University of Kentucky, 2016

Gatorade® is an official sponsor of Hot Shots TN.

University of Tennessee Knoxville, 2016

Where to see us jump: 2017-18 Performance Schedule (check back as new shows are added)

University of Tennessee Chattanooga Men's Basketball - Saturday, January 27

Lipscomb Men's Basketball - Friday, November 10 and Monday, December 4

Audiences Say. . .

"While the basketball game was fun, I can honestly say your group was my favorite.  All the people I was sitting around were saying how amazing your team was."

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Kentucky, Lexington
Belmont University, Nashville
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Want to see the Hot Shots of TN in action? 

Check out an elite 8 minutes of our 2016 halftime highlights below and subscribe to our YouTube channel at Hot Shots Tennessee for other updates.


Wondering if a jump rope performance is possible for your event?

We jump in a wide variety of venues and can adapt our show for your audience.

Contact us to brainstorm ideas and solutions best suited to your location.

Sports & Outdoor Events

Performance at Nashville Roller Derby

Our team loves to jump in unique venues! Past performances include the Nashville Roller Derby, the Tennessee State Fair, and a Nashville Predators Hockey Game (jumping outside at the entrance--we're good, but not jump-on-ice good).


Basketball Halftimes

UT mascot & friends watch as the Hot Shots take the floor.

Most of our performance season books up quickly with regional basketball halftime shows. We perform at colleges, universities, and high schools during regular and post-season games.



Festivals & Community Events

WCS Back to School Fair

We've jumped at many community events, both indoors and outdoors. Recent events include a community youth talent show, a children's hospital grand opening, and even a library summer reading festival!

Photos from the 2016-17 Performance Season

Information we need prior to your event

Jumping surface:  How much space is provided and on what surface would we jump (gymnasium, stage, etc.)?

*Please note that for the safety of our jumpers, we are unable to perform on certain surfaces or in certain weather conditions for outdoor performances;

please feel free to contact us for more information. 


Time available:  How much time will we have to perform?  Our typical halftime show runs 5 to 7 minutes, but we are able to do more based on event.


Jumper, coach, and parent admission:  Are tickets required, and if so, what is the cost?  Where should jumpers enter the venue, and what information can we give to the families of jumpers who would like to come watch the show?


Music:  We provide music for our show on an iPod, or we are able to send the .mp3 file ahead of the event. 


Other requests:  Is your event a performance only, or would you like us to spend additional time with attendees teaching jump rope skills?  Are there particular things we should know about your audience or your event that will help us plan our time with you?


Visit our contact page to schedule a performance.

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